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Monday, March 30, 2009

What's the deal?

So, I went to the ortho surgeon today for my post-op follow up. The doctor that performed my surgery is "no longer w/ the practice." Whatever that means. I was a little relieved that I could see a different doctor since my first doctor was such a jerk, terrible bed side manner.
I had to go to a different office and waited patiently, the receptionists were nice and people were getting called rather quickly. They called my name, yea! I get to find out how my knee is doing and what I need to do to make it better from a sympathetic ear. The doctor come in...

No, "Hi, how are you," etc. Just "Who was your surgeon? What's the problem?" He was so rude, insulting, and talked down to me. I left the office in tears.

What's the deal? Are doctors now just jerks? Get you in and get you out. They just don;t care at all. Last Monday I wasn't able to walk and he had no explanation for me. All he said was, "give it 6 more months before you decide that the surgery didn't work." Whoa mister! Where did he even get that I was saying that? He saw me for less than 4 min and sent me on my way.

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