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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Michigan Trip w/ Pictures Galore!

Last month (actually the day of my last post) I took Garrett to Michigan, along with my parents, to visit my Grandmother, sans Eric. We were there for 7 days. It was so wonderful to be able to see my son with his Great-Grandmother. Family is extremely important to me and I hope to instill this in Garrett as well. My Grandmother (my dad's mom) has lived in Michigan my whole life and I have only seen her a handful of times, so we are not close, but she is my only living grandparent, which made the trip even more special for me. I wanted to plant memories in my mind and document with video and pictures for Garrett so he can see a piece of his family history when he is an adult.

Garrett sitting with Grandpa before take off on his very first airplane trip! I was a little nervous about how Garrett would act on the plane ride & how the other passengers would re-act to him (and to me). It was a night flight so I knew the passengers would want some quiet. Luckily it was Garrett's bedtime, so as we took off I put him in his car seat and he went to sleep. 45 minutes into the flight he woke up and cried (screamed) on and off for about 30 minutes. Finally I just took him out of his car seat and held him. He was much happier to be awake, so my parents and I took turns holding him and giving him snacks. He was great for the rest of the flight!

4 Generations of Zalots!

I walked into the living room and Grandma was holding Garrett, I was little surprise since she's in her 80's I thought he might be too heavy for her, but she held him more than I expected :) Sitting in the chair with them is her little 6 lb. dog Molly. Garrett and Molly played together quite a bit throughout the trip.
Garrett was having so much fun playing in the kitchen. He loved all the knobs on the drawers, it kept him entertained while I cooked his breakfast!

She had this tiny bathroom, with an even tinier shower. Garrett played in it every chance he got. He kept climbing in and out and would look at me and laugh. What a cutie!

Something else to keep him entertained, my suitcase. He had a great time climbing in and out. So by the end of the trip I removed all my clothing and just kept toys in their for him to "find" when he opened it :)

Can you see the resemblance? My dad looks just like my grandmother & after spending time all together I could definitely see the resemblance in my face as well, which surprisingly made me happy. The features I hated most on my face I now love (which has given me new features to hate ~ gotta love being a woman)!

This was our last day, right before we left for the airport. That was a sad time for me realizing that I may not see my grandmother again.

I had mixed emotions about going, but all in all I am glad I went, it created memories that I will carry with me forever. No regrets!