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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trying again!

OK, since only 2 people actually read this blog, I got irritated and busy, so I stopped writing it. But I feel like I have a lot to say and our family has been going through so much, that I am going to give it one more try. Hopefully this people will be interested in what the Stromski's are up to and want to read about Garrett's developmental fun!


  1. It takes people a while to catch on to the whole blog thing, but keep it up! I sometimes wonder if anyone other than the usual people read it, but then I realize it makes me happy to share it anyway. So I do it for myself, and my boys, and then if others read it - BONUS! xoxo

  2. I love hearing about my precious great nephew! The pictures are always such fun. So sweet seeing my great neice & nephew together on Lemon's 1st B-Day.They will love those pictures in years to come. From what Garret's Grandma shares with me he loves to eat! Thats good he need plenty of fuel to make it to the top of the steps. Love, Aunt Susie