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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Praise God almighty, Hallelujah; the separation anxiety is over!!!

For those of you who don't know, the past 3 month Garrett developed a horrendous case of separation anxiety. He would scream if I walked a foot away from him, let alone be able to use the rest room with out a temper tantrum. The crawling and clawing at my feet was cute for a few days. But when it lasted a week I knew something was just wrong. I talked to everyone I knew about what he was going through. No one seemed to know that it was in fact separation anxiety. My amazing husband, Eric, actually researched it and told me what was going on. Then I was able to find a solution for the problem. It is always easier to accept a situation if you know it has a diagnosis and it is temporary.

Well, last week Garrett realized that he can pull himself up onto his knees and he loves it. Now, he plays independently, yea! He crawls all around the house discovering new things each day, the stairs for example. He crawls to the stairs, pulls himself up to his knees and laughs because he is so proud of himself! He is the sweetest, cutest, most amazing child in the world! (Don't all mothers say this about their kids? Well, mine really is! j/k).

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  1. Hey, that's great. I am glad he's gotten passed it. I didn't realize it was separation anxiety.

    Mati has started something similar all of the sudden at Bible Study of all places. She's been screaming when I want to drop her off.

    I'm sure hoping she grows out of it.

    And good for you for pushing through. You're an amazing mom.