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Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Christmas

We had a fabulous Christmas holiday. It was actually a relaxing, we didn't have much to do. On Christmas Eve, we went to an early service at our church then home for some more baking. I had been baking everyday for about a week and a half! Eric watched his Notre Dame win, which made him super happy! Then Christmas day we opened some presents, Garrett obviously could have cared less, but had lots of fun playing with all his new toys :) . Then we went to my parents house for a late lunch. That was it, actually a bit boring. I really wish Eric ad some relatives that lived here so we would have more to do on the holidays.

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  1. I wish we would have had a quiet Christmas. I am still recovering from having everyone over to our house and then spending all day Christmas at Solon's grandparents house. Our house had been Grand Central Station since the day we got home from the hospital - it was nice to just have some quiet time yesterday and today...