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Monday, December 29, 2008

New Years

So, we have this fabulous New Year's Eve party we have been invited to attend; it is casino themed so I can play craps, YEA! I was so excited when I heard about it, then I got the invitation... it is black tie. The invitation actually says "wear your favorite ballgown." I don't have a ballgown, besides my wedding dress. I don't have the money to go out and by a dress, what do I do? I have a few dresses left over from my college days, but I just had a baby and my body is now crazy weird, definitely not like it used to be, so how are those dresses going to fit me? This stuff super stresses me out. I love being all girly and dressing up, but not when it's required. I just feel like I am not going to fit in or look quite right.
My mom helped me decide between the few dresses that fit me (well, that I can squeeze into), I bought a pair of shoes and a pair of panty hose, but I still feel like I am not dressy enough, ridiculous and uncomfortable. Plus, what do I do w/ my hair...uggg!
-Any ideas? Help? Words of encouragement? Does anyone even read this? :)

By the way, Garrett got another tooth the other day. So now he has 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. This kid cracks me up with all his big goofy teeth on his tiny little body. He now looks like a big boy instead of a baby. It is a little sad.

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  1. You will look fabulous! Do you have a sparkly barette or something you could put in your hair? Which dress did you pick?