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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wildlife World Zoo

A couple weeks ago Eric and I took Garrett to the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium. I had already taken Garrett there w/ a friend a month prior & I could tell he remembered being there. It was such a great family day. We went right when they opened, so all the animals were out and about. We got to see a lot of them eat their breakfast. The boys watched an alligator get fed dead rats, obviously I did not watch that :) but Eric LOVED it.

Now that Garrett is talking, it is so fun to hear him say all the animals names, run over to them and get really excited. Next to horses, giraffes are his favorite animal. Garrett was ecstatic when he got to feed the giraffe, it was priceless.
Then we walked over to the kid area, there is a large play structure and a small petting zoo. Eric took Garrett in and he walked right over and talked to the baby goat & deer. The deer must have been teething or something because he kept biting every one's shirts, even the babies! Next to the petting zoo, there was an area where you could "pet" the tortoises. I loved this area :) One walked right over my foot!
Lastly, we went to the Aquarium. They have 2 areas where you can touch the sea life. Garrett touched the star fish & sea urchins. Eric got to touch some sort of shark. Of course, I touched nothing, being the big scardy cat that I am :) Oh, and Garrett refused to take his sunglasses off inside the Aquarium! He is a stubborn boy!
It was a fantastic days w/ my boys creating fun memories.

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