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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Looking Back

After posting about Garrett's 1st Birthday got me thinking about when he was a newborn. He was so tiny, sweet and cuddly. I miss the days when the babies just curl up on your chest when you hold them. Here are a few pics of Garrett throughout the year.

This was at one of my baby showers. I had Garrett 3 weeks later and my stomach was already super huge!

Garrett was jaundiced, so he had to spend the night in the nursery under these lights to simulate the sun. It was very sad, however the little glasses he had to wear were adorable.

For the first couple months he used to pucker his lips and make this little "kissy"face.

Having fun with some tummy time.

He used to smile and coo at this little owl on his swing, so cute!

He loves to play with balls, lots of fun :)

Auntie Brooke made this adorable hat.

He loves to stand up on everything, especially the couch because he can bounce!

I hope you enjoyed this little look back on the stages in Garrett's life.