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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2 More?

This morning I was doing my morning ritual of tackling Garrett to the ground to change his diaper. He is in this wonderful stage where he twists his body every which way and then crawls away so I can't change him, I'm usually half way through the process when he starts doing this so there's generally poop involved; fun times!
Anyway, while he was screaming I noticed a tooth poking through, a molar on the bottom. So awhile later I stick my finger in to check things out and sure enough, there are 2 molars! So now he has 3 molars and a total of 11 teeth, wow! So, needless to say I don't have any food restrictions anymore, I feed him whatever I am eating basically. Yesterday he even tried shrimp :)


  1. Oh my goodness. Two molars. Wow! Thankfully when this is over, it's over!

  2. Charissa, you are doing such a great job as a mom, cook, wife and teacher plus religious teacher. I am so very proud of you and happy for your family. Keep up the good work. They will be forever grateful to have you in their life. You know "mom" is the center of things. You set a good example!

    Aunt Pat