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Monday, April 6, 2009

The Cow Says...

I read books to Garrett everyday. He has 4-6 books that he "allows" me to read to him, depending on his mood. He is a very particular . He has 2 great board books, one that teaches body parts, clothing & food, the other that teaches all about animal names, sounds, shapes, and colors. He absolutely loves them. I generally just read to him, touch each picture while I name them, or make the noise, etc. Lately, though I decided I could really be teaching him something. So I started touching the picture, "eyes," and asking Garrett, "where are your eyes?" and so on with the facial features. Within a day he started closing his eyes for me to touch, opening his mouth for me to touch, and tilting his head up for me to touch his nose! Amazing!

Yesterday morning I was reading him the animal book. I pointed to the cow and said, "the cow says moooooo." He immediately said, "moooo (well more like bpoooo)!!!!" Adorable, how smart is my child? I'll tell you, very :)

We went to my parents that afternoon to celebrate my brother's birthday, and Garrett was more than happy to show off his new skill. I would ask him what the cow says, I would say moo and he would promptly reply w/ his version of moo. Apparently this is the easiest animal noise for him to make :)

Aren't babies so much fun?! I think the older he gets the better mom I am becoming. He cried so much of his life, all I could really do to comfort him wa hold him and take him on walks. Now that he is getting older, he enjoys exploring new things and learning as a result.

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