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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Here are a few fun memories from 2008; these are a little out of order. We are a bit slow at getting out our pictures :)

Garrett is getting his very first haircut by his Grandma Zalot.
He sat so nice and just played with a toy.

Garrett after his haircut, so handsome.

My friend Candida with her beautiful new baby boy, Quincy.
I went to visit them in the hospital.

Garrett with Santa for the first time. It was his nap time so I'm not sure if he was just tired, or if he doesn't like Santa, either way that's pretty sad.

This is Garrett on his very first Christmas!
He was so happy to have some new toys.

We took Garrett to a friend's birthday party at the Railroad park. We got to take him a a little steam engine train ride and this carousel ride. He loved both, smiling and laughing the whole time.

We are at the Christmas Tree lot picking out our tree; Garrett's first tree.

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